TV Appearances

The Delorean Timecar is such a visually stunning vehicle that it is bound to attract the attentions of the media and in particular Television.

The Justin Lee Collins Show has a retro theme and the Delorean fits perfectly into the show?s format. Although the car?s primary function is to be seen and be seen in, on the road, it has proved to be a big hit in a studio environment.

Britain's Greatest Machines
Chris Barrie ( Red dwarf / Brittas empire ) gets to drive the Delorean Timecar in the 80?s episode of National Geographic?s 4 part series. He pays tribute to the iconic car and is impressed by the Delorean experience.

BBC "Inside out" TV magazine programme
A great day was had with presenter John Cathill and some great night shooting showing off the delorean lighting.

The Kevin Bishop Show
The Timecar visits Pinewood studios, home to many major films, to take part in a Back to the Future sketch. The show comprises of quick fire comedy sketches with the Delorean being filmed in the very last skit of his second series.

Physics of the Impossible
The Science channel hosts Dr. Michio Kaku?s latest series from his best selling book of the same name. The Timecar appears in the opening sequence of the show. Michio Kaku is one of the worlds leading theorists on future technology with an IQ marginally higher than my own ( probably about 150 higher!)

The One Show
A trip to the BBC television centre and a live broadcast with Ross Kemp and the presenters doing a timetravel piece with a comedy skit to close the show with the delorean.