The Back to the Future Trilogy tops the charts as one of the best loved films of the 1980's. It was written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale and directed by Zemeckis and Steven Speilberg.
The main characters are Doc Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty Mc Fly (Michael J Fox)
The films revolve around the fact that the Doc has invented a time machine in the form of a modified Delorean, the timeline then gets disrupted by the adventures Marty and Doc have in the Delorean. All the films take place in Marty's fictional town of Hill Valley where the story begins in 1985.
Bttf 1 is based during the 1950's era, when Marty's parents were teenagers, Bttf 2 is based in 2015 in the future, where Marty see's his future life and Bttf 3 is based in 1885, the post civil war era.